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Alliete WG 80 is a systemic fungicide for the control of downy mildew in roses. The active ingredient of Aliette flash, Fosetyl-Aluminium, is a phosphonate compound.

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Fosetyl-Aluminium is a systemic fungicide which is rapidly absorbed by the plant roots and leaves and transported in both upward and downward direction particularly to the growing points.

Fosetyl-aluminium can be applied on flowers using different methods: soil drench/irrigation or foliar spray.

Recommended Rates

  • Roses (Foliar spray): Use 20-25g/20 Litres of water (2.0-2.5kg/Ha in 1200 – 2000 litres of water). Apply as a preventive schedule or during early disease symptoms.
  • Roses (Soil drench application): Use 5-6kg/Ha in 1000 litres of water every 2 weeks.

Composition: Fosetyl-Aluminium 800g/kg

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