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Aquawet is a non-ionic liquid wetting and spreading agent which can be mixed with a spray mixture without affecting its chemical properties. It aids the wetting of waxy leaf surfaces, insects and fungi and by spreading the spray more evenly over the leaf surfaces improving the efficiency of the spray. It also helps to ensure thorough washing out of spray machinery.

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Recommended Rate

  • For use with Gramoxone (herbicide) use 10ml/20Ltr of water /spray mixture.
  • For use with insecticides on vegetables and cereals, use 6 – 8ml/20Ltr of water/spray mixture.
  • For Cleaning spray machinery: add 10ml per 20 Litre water, recirculate, spray out and dispose of all washings in a safe place.
  • Avoid using excessive quantities of Agral 90 as this may lead to frothing in the tank spray.

Composition: Alkyl Phenol Ethylene Oxide Condensate 87%wwPrice: 15,000

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