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Zoro 1.8 EC is a highly effective acaricide and insecticide.

It has limited plant systemic activity but exhibits translaminar movement for the effective control of all motile stages of mites, leaf miner and other pests.

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Zoro 1.8 EC is highly effective at relatively low application rates due to the high content of the active isomer avermectin B1a (90.8%).

Recommended Rates:

-Tomatoes (Leafminers, Spider mites, Rust mite, Pink worm): 7ml/20 Ltr.

-Flowers (Spider mites, Leafminers): Use 7ml/20 Ltr.

-Vegetables & Cucurbits (Leafminer, Spider mites): Use 7ml/20 Ltr.

-Potatoes (Worms, Psyllids): Use 7ml/20 Ltr.

-Citrus (Spider mites): use 10ml/20 Ltr.

-Strawberries (Two-spotted Spider mites, Red spider mite): Use 7ml/20 Ltr.

PHI: 3-7 days; WHO class II.

Packaging: 1 Ltr.

Composition: Abamectin 18g/L


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Cheminova, Denmark.
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