Watermelon Seed, Crimson Sweet -50g UGX20,000
Lara Force 2.5EC Insecticide –1Ltr UGX20,000

Super Kaolak sweet Watermelon is a superior variety with good fruit setting ability. Fruits of Super Koalak are round in shape with an average fruit weight of 5-6 kg. The melon has a light green skin colour with dark green patterns. This melon is even prettier on the inside, with exceptionally deep red flesh that’s sweet and luscious. The super watermelon  has a good transport and keeping qualities. and yields up to 20-25 Tons/acre. Super Kaolak vines need room to grow, spreading up to 3 meters.Fruits are round shaped and Light green skin colour, finely medium green striped. Average weight : 5 to 6 kg.FLESH is Smooth, 10 -11 MATURITY DAYS. 80-85 days from transplant to harvest.

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Key Features:

  • Round fruits with very sweet red flesh.
  • Maturity 80-85 days from planting
  • Fruit weight 5 – 6 Kgs
  • Plant vigor is very strong, has light green fruits with patterned skin .
  • Excellent storage and transportability traits.
  • Resistances / Tolerances: Fusarium, Anthracnose.


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