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Vegimax is an organic plant growth regulator with proven performance. Vegimax contains 65-75% Nitrogen, 20-25% Organic Phosphorus, 3-5% Organic Potassium, trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It is mixed with water and sprayed directly onto the growing plants, seedlings etc.

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Directions of use:

-Shake well before use and do not mix until ready to use:

-Fruit Trees: Use 3-5 ml/20 Litres water every 10 days.

-Field Crops: Use 3-5 ml/20 Litres water every 10 days.

-Vegetables: Use 2-5 ml/20 litres water every 7 days.

-Flowers: Use 2-3ml/20 litres water every 10 days.

Composition: NPK 65:20:3 +TE

Packaging: 30ml, 125ml, 250ml

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