Fertiplus Organic fertilizer - 25kg UGX85,000
Indofil M45 WP Fungicide-250g UGX5,900
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A contact fungicide for the control of early and late blight on potatoes and tomatoes, botrytis in roses.

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  • Crops: Vegetables (French beans, cucurbits, Tomatoes, onions, cabbages)
  • Fruit trees (mangoes, citrus, pawpaw, passion fruits) and root crops like potatoes.


Use 50g of Stargem per 20 Ltrs water and ensure 2.5kg per Ha is used for thorough coverage.

Composition: Mancozeb 800g/kg

PHI: Tomatoes and potatoes – 7 days

WHO Class: II

Packaging: 250g, 1kg

3 reviews for Stargem 80%WP -500g

  1. BrettPek

    Unizeb 80WP is a good product

  2. ethige

    Working product

  3. Plains

    Wonderful product

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