Ratox Rat Poison -(36Pcs *1g) carton UGX10,000
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Ratox is quick acting and easy to use medicine used to control field rats, mice, and other harmful rodents.

Can be used in open dumps, storehouses, warehouses, homes as well as in fields.

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Recommended Use:

  • Mix sufficient Ratox bait powder in foodstuff (like silverfish, powdered groundnuts, roasted groundnuts, smoked meat) likely to be consumed by rats and place carefully in hidden areas.
  • Once eaten, rats will die in 6-10 hours depending on how much they consumed.
  • Within a few days, rat activity disappears. Locate and remove all dead rats and mice as they may start to smell as they decay. Also carefully remove treated foodstuffs and dispose of them well away from consumption by other animals.
  • It may be necessary to repeat the treatment after 1 month to completely do away with rats.
  • This is a restricted class of chemical, keep out of reach of children and ensure to wear protective gear and wash hands after application.

Composition: Zinc Phosphide 80%


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Packaging: Carton, 1g Sachet
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