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OSHOTHANE 80WP is broad-spectrum protective fungicide that controls a wide range of fungal diseases on a variety of crops mainly by inhibiting fungal respiration.

OSHOTHANE can be used for the control of fungal diseases such as blight, leaf spot, downy mildew, scab, etc., in field crops, fruit, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, etc.

It is especially effective in the control of early and late blights of potatoes and tomatoes, gray & Septoria leaf spot diseases on vegetables, roses, carnations, asparagus, and beans.

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Recommended Rates

-Potatoes (Early and late blight): Use 50g/20 Litre water (2.25kg/Ha).

-Tomatoes (Early & late blight, Anthracnose, Grey & Septoria leaf spots): Use 50g/20 Litre water (2.25kg/Ha).

-Bananas (Sigatoka disease): Use 50g per 20 Litre water (2.25kg/Ha).

-Other Crops like Onions, Cucurbits, tobacco, Nuts, field crops (Downy mildews, Anthracnose, Damping-off, Blights and leaf spots): Use 50g/20 Litre water (2.25kg/Ha).

Compatibility: Compatible with most commonly used pesticides except lime, Sulphur, Bordeaux mixture and others alkaline in nature.

Composition: Mancozeb 800g/kg

PHI: 7 days on most crops.


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