Stargem 80%WP -500g UGX15,000
Oshothane 80WP - 1kg
Oshothane 80WP -5kg UGX90,000

A contact fungicide for the control of early and late blight on potatoes and tomatoes, botrytis in roses.

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  • Crops: Vegetables (French beans, cucurbits, Tomatoes, onions, cabbages); fruit trees (mangoes, citrus, pawpaw, passion fruits) and root crops like potatoes.
  • Dosage: Use 50g of Indofil-M45 per 20 Ltrs water and ensure 2.5kg per Ha is used for thorough coverage.

Composition: Mancozeb 800g/kg

PHI: Tomatoes and potatoes – 7 days

WHO Class: II

Packaging: 25kg, 10kg, 1kg, 250g


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Indofil Chemicals Company, India
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