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SY624 is a medium altitude, Certified Hybrid Maize from Syngenta with a high yield potential of 35-44 bags (3.5-4 tonnes) per acre and maturity of 120 -130 days.

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Why choose SY624

  • High yielding variety with double cobs and a high cob-grain ratio.
  • Drooping ears at physiological maturity protecting grains from rots and early weevil attack.
  • Good crop stands with very strong prop roots, no lodging.
  • Foliage stays green when it matures; supporting yield potential of the crop and also suitable for fodder.
  • Quality grains: Tasty as green maize (roasting, boiling), with good milling quality.
  • Good adaptability across various regions.

Disease tolerance:

Maize streak Virus, Cob Rots, Common Rust, Leaf blight, Grey Leaf Spot.

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