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GREEN GRO is a fertilizer and plant booster which contains a wide range of plant nutrients. This product has been specially formulated for rapid and efficient absorption through the leaves.

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GREEN GRO provides supplementary feeding of balanced fertilizers under heavy cropping conditions and gives a quick response when wet or very dry soils prevents normal plant feeding.

It can be applied alone as a spray or tank mixed with other insecticides and fungicides.

Recommended Rates:

-Coffee: Use 80ml/20 litres water.

-Tomatoes, Chilies and other vegetables: Use 60-80ml per 20 Litres water. Repeat every 7-14 days or as necessary.

-Maize: Use 100ml/20 litres water. Repeat every 7-14 days or as necessary.

-Fruit trees (Oranges, Pawpaws, mangoes etc.): Use 80-100ml/20 litres water. Repeat every 10 days or as necessary.

Composition: 10:8:6 +0.2% MgO +TE


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