Hybrid Chili –Demon F1, 50g
Hybrid Chili –Demon F1, 50g UGX550,000
Stargem 80%WP -500g UGX15,000

Fertilplus is an Organic fertilizer from the Netherlands, rich in macro and micronutrients needed for the strong and healthy growth of any plant. It is also a source of organic matter in the soil.

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Key features:

  • An organic product that ensures food is produced without harmful chemical compounds.
  • Increases water retaining capacity.
  • Restores soil to a healthy pH balance.
  • Increases beneficial microbiological activity.
  • Not corrosive to human hands and equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • Certified internationally and approved by Ministry of Agriculture Uganda.


  • Dry Matter 88% min; Moisture 12% max; Organic Matter 65%; Nitrogen (Total) 4.2%; Phosphorus 3.0%; Potassium 2.8%; Calcium 9%; Magnesium 1%; Sulphur 1.5%.
  • Other Trace elements (iron, manganese, Zinc, Cobolt, Copper, Boron)


Pellet diameter: 5-6mm


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Packaging: 25kg PE bags.
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