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Target 5% SG is a highly effective, broad-spectrum insecticide /miticide for control of various pests. It acts by interfering with neurotransmitters of target pests, which results in the disruption of the nerve impulse. Target 5% SG is applied as a foliar spray using a suitable spraying equipment that is correctly calibrated and in good working condition to ensure thorough and uniform coverage of all surfaces harboring pests.


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Recommended Rates:

  • Maize (fall Armyworm, Stalk borer, Thrips & Spider Mites) 20g/20L.
  • Fruit Trees (fruit flies, Aphids, Thrips, Caterpillars) use 10g/20 Litre)
  • Cotton (Cotton bollworm, Thrips, Aphids) 450-500ml/Ha (20g/20Ltr).
  • Beans (Thrips, Caterpillars, spider mites) 20g/20Ltr.
  • Vegetables (Thrips, Caterpillars, diamondback moth) use 10g/20Ltr.

PHI: Maize, fruit trees, beans, Onions & Tomatoes – 7 days; Cabbages -14 days.

Timing: 7-14 days interval.

Composition: Emamectin Benzoate 50g/kg


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