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A copper-based fungicide for control of coffee leaf rust, coffee berry disease (CBD), Rust, anthracnose and a bacterial blight on French beans. Contains 50% metallic copper, a fine powder, suspensible in water.

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Cupravit 50WP posses adhesive properties and is resistant to rain wash. Therefore it protects the treated plant.
As the product forms the homogeneous and stable suspension, it can be applied with all kind of spraying equipment.


  • Coffee leaf rust: Apply 3.8kg/Ha (80g/20 Litre)Start spraying 3 weeks before the onset of rains and repeat every 3 weeks.
  • Coffee berry disease: Apply 7.7kg/ha (154g/20Ltr)Start spraying 3 weeks before the onset of long rains and repeat every 3 weeks.
  • Rust in Vegetables: use 2kg/Ha (40g per 20 Litre)Spray at weekly intervals and after rains.
  • Anthracnose & bacterial blight in Vegetables: Use 2.5kg/Ha (50g/20 Litre water), 14 days

Composition: Copper Oxychloride 500g/kg
PHI: 14 days in coffee and 3 days on vegetables
WHO Class: II
Packaging: 1kg, 2kg

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