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Copenhagen cabbages are a good early maturing variety that produces uniform, globe-shaped 6″ diameter heads that are firm and solid. This cabbage has a good field holding capacity (ability to stay in field after maturity without rotting) and matures fast in 70-75 days making it a suitable alternative to short term interventions to hunger and bring quick cash. This cabbage is tolerant to heat stress, does not bolt and can weigh about 4-6 kg under good management at a spacing of 60cm* 60cm OR 60cm*45cm. The cabbage heads are firm and you only need 75-100g to plant an acre.

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  • A well-adapted cabbage with an exceptional taste.
  • Maturity 65 days from transplanting.
  • Head weight 2.5-3 Kgs.
  • Yield potential 30-35 tonnes per acre.
  • Early maturing and low crop protection cost.
  • Dark green in colour with a bright heart.
  • Firm and round heads good for long distance transportation.
  • Spacing: 60cm* 60cm OR 60cm*45cm.
  • Rate: 75g per acre (60cm*60cm) or 100g per acre (60cm*45cm).
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