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Selective post-emergence herbicide for control of grasses and broadleaf weeds occurring in maize grown at various altitudes.

Auxo is a combination product of two herbicidal active ingredients –Tembotrione 50g/l and Bromoxynil Octanoate 262g/l. it also contains a unique proprietary crop safener Isoxadifen-ethyl 35g/l.

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Timing of application:

Auxo EC formulation is applied post-emergence of the crop and weeds by broadcast spraying over the target area, from 2 leaves until 8 leaf stage of maize (crop is 30-45cm tall or within 30 days after planting). Applied for maize variety grown in mid to high altitude areas only.

Dosage: 1.5-1.7 Litre per Ha in 200-250 Ltrs water (150-170ml/20 Litre).

PHI: 90 -120 days.

Composition: Tembotrione 5% + Bromoxinil Octanoate 26.2% + Isoxadifen-ethyl 2.5%

Packaging: 500ml, 1 Ltr

Notes to applicator:

-Auxo EC is intended to control the weeds present at the most critical time of the season, thus giving the crop a sufficient competitive advantage

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