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Amistar 250 SC is a systemic fungicide for the control of fungal diseases such as rusts, scalds, spot blotch and leaf blotch in wheat, rice, barley, maize, coffee, beans, onions and other vegetables.

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AMISTAR 250SC is a suspension concetrate containing 250g/L of Azoxystrobin. It has systemic, translaminar and protectant properties.

Rate of Application:

  • Cereals (maize, wheat, barley) against Yellow rust, leaf blotch, scald: Use 0.75 Litre per hectare and repeat 3-5 weeks depending on disease pressure.
  • Onions, leeks, carrots and garlic (prevention of downy mildew): Use a rate of 1 litre per hectare. Repeat at 7-10 days.
  • Legumes (peas, beans, soybeans, etc.): Use 1.0 litre per hectare. and repeat after 7 days.
  • Potatoes (for the control of early blight): Use 0.5 litre per hectare at 7 days interval. A total of 3 applications per season.
  • Strawberries: Use 1 litre per hectare.

Packing: 5 ltr

PHI: 35 days on most crops.

Storage: Avoid storage above 35oC.


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Syngenta, Switzerland.
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