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Al-Phos is a fumigant used to eliminate and kill pests in stored grain commodities, processed foods and animal feeds. On exposure to air, it releases phosphine gas that concentrates to suffocate and kill insects in the stored produce.

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  • Do not use when commodity temperature is below 15oC and/or the relative humidity within the structure is high or with row cereal grain, the moisture content should be less than 9%.
  • Don’t fumigate in inhabited buildings.
  • Don’t use on any commodity, empty containers or vessels that are in transit.
  • Don’t heap tablets.
  • Don’t apply as a surface-only treatment in a structure whose height exceeds twice its width.

Recommended Rates:

  • All grains, bulk stock feeds, dried fruits: Use 3 tablets per 2 cubic metres. Expose for 10 days when temperatures are 15oC to 25oC; 7 days when the temperature is above 25oC.
  • Tobacco bales and other forms: Use 3 tables per 2 cubic metres and expose for 7 days.
  • Empty warehouse, greenhouse: Use 3 tablets per 2 cubic metres and expose for 7-10 days.
  • All treated commodities, silos or warehouse should be made gas-tight with gas-proof sheeting.

Composition: Aluminium Phosphide 560g/Kg

Packing: 960g.

Weight 1 kg


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