Winner 72WP -1kg UGX40,000
Ant-Killer 48 EC -1 ltr UGX30,000

Agrolaxyl 72WP is a systemic and contact fungicide for the control of a wide range of fungal diseases on a variety of crops. It combines two active ingredients (Metalaxyl & Mancozeb) at high concentrations for superior disease control.

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Agrolaxyl 72WP is readily and rapidly absorbed through the leaves, stems, and roots. It offers crops superior protective control as well as curative action in cases where disease incidence has already occurred at the time of application. This product can be used to control diseases caused by air- and soil- borne pathogens.

Recommended Rates:

  • Potatoes and Tomatoes (Early blight, Late blight): Use 50 g/20L (2.5kg/Ha).
  • Snow peas, Squash (Downy mildew, Ascochyta): Use 50 g/20L (2.5kg/Ha).
  • Pepper, beans and cucurbits (Anthracnose, Cercospora leaf spot): Use 50 g/20L (2.5kg/Ha).
  • Cabbages (Dark leaf spot, Downy mildew): Use 50 g/20L (2.5kg/Ha).
  • Roses (Downy mildew): Use 200g/100 Litre water.
  • Bananas (Cigatoka disease): Use 50g/20 Litre water (2.5kg/Ha).

Composition: Mancozeb 640g/kg +Metalaxyl 80g/kg

PHI:: Tomatoes 3 days; Potatoes14 days, Brassica 7 days, Squash 3 days.


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