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Acrobat 69 WG is a systemic and contact fungicide for the control of late blight of potatoes and tomatoes as well as for downy mildew in roses when used in protective spray programs.

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Acrobat 69 WG is active at many stages of disease development, has a preventive, curative and antifoulant activity which helps to prevent the spread of diseases between plants and, it has foliar penetrant, translaminar, local systemic properties.

Recommended Rates:

-Potatoes & Tomatoes (Late blight): Use 50g/20 Litres of water (2kg/Ha in 400-1000 litres water).

-Roses (Downy mildew): Use 2kg/Ha in 1000 litres of water.

PHI: Potatoes and tomatoes for 7 days.

WHO class: III

Composition: Dimethomorph 690g/kg


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